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If the art is observed first of all as a projection then, naturally, it is discovered in its ambiguity. That is the case with Nikola Kovacevic whose lifelike work oscillates between nuanced flagrant abstraction and analogue perception made of stirring areas/abstractions enabling to guess organic and objective meanings. Here, indecisive sketch of inarticulate persons, there, shade of a ship in the fog, a little further away, a little corner of the sky calming or threatening, but basically, that endlessly growing writing is forged exactly in surpassing of appearance, not in identification of the target reality.

However, trembling and transhumane masses of Nikola Kovacevic, woven from gap forests of particles and spots, commas and notches, dashes and pieces set on bright backgrounds, can remind of the buzzing of a swarm of bees, or sometimes, of some aggregate of belligerent cephalopods. But out of these interpretations, the exactness of artistic rhythms of these partitions and expressive power of their space arrangement has to be underlined. Because, just on these territories at the same time light and heaped up, the painting rules and attracts attention only to itself. Observing the course of its sprinkling over the canvas, it does not leave itself to a hand's fall, appeals of the innocent, nor at least to chromatic wonderings.

Flexible and spontaneous, the gesture still remains controlled, nervous and decisive, while the light is absorbed by each pore of the frame. And in spite of numerous signs and cascading spirals "watering" support on the move, the drawing never loses its fluidity and unity, because it relies on intuitive order that does not contradict resorting to imaginary.

We shouldn't be surprised by removed and polypherative inspiration lauding throng of their compositions, as we understood that this Montenegrin painter, Parisian over a decade, knew how to link Mediterranean threads with passion of a Slovenian soul. So, decisively attached to the pleasure of painting, he does not make a sacrifice to dramatics of circumstances and first of all sticks to his own "credo": clarity of act, dosing of dividing up its unities, reaching the harmony, adequacy of forms and colours, strict frames, the feeling for synthesis and, finally, osmosis in mind and body. 

The painter of temperament, and first of all a great drawer, Nikola Kovacevic is not trying to seduce, but to interpret his inner dizziness, with help of final touches and cordial and convincing zeal.


Gerard Xuriguera

Critique Etienne-Irenee Brun, the expert in "Drouot" hotel

Universe of Nikola Kovacevic is the universe of blue vast areas in which dominant red masses integrate and explode. It is the universe in which a spectator feels the power of expression, power of creation. The works obtrude themselves getting their full expression: they talk to us.  About these timeless universes, sometimes upsetting, we cannot remain indifferent. Nikola Kovacevic is launching us into his intimate and inner visions in order to show us his own vision of the world and his own artistic sensibility.


                                                                                                            Etienne Irenee Brun


From the general point of view, the compositions of Kovacevic are simple and reduced. Generally, the author plays on the central part level painting the core with dark nuances on the bright foundation, reaching fluidity effect of contre-jour procedure. Highly intense light shines the background and dissolves the central mass. It seems that during creation of his art, Kovacevic childishly amuses himself spilling a dark substance, even a black one, over the first layer whose transparency was done with ink, this way making vertical structures, eterical and floating. Fibres, ribbons and spots of the central part are sometimes interlaced, creating several layers and consolidating mutually.

Undoubtedly, Kovacevic relies a lot on his plastic sensibility, as well as his gift for achieving chromatic harmony. His gestures are free, light and discrete, reflecting at the same time great knowledge and experience as well as firm artistic basis. Such nonchalant gesture could only be the result of great talent and persistent work.

S. Slovinic


(2017)                        Installation–Permanent Exhibition – Bar Old Town, Montenegro

(2015)                       Gallery « The QUEEN » Becici, Montenegro

                                   Gallery MORIN  -   Paris, France

(2014)                       National Museum Gallery « NIKOLA 1st » Niksic, Montenegro

(2014)                       Gallery « Lustica BAY » Tivat, Montenegro

(2014)                       MILHUA – Miami, USA

(2012)                       Gallery Audubon - Paris, France

(2010)                       Gallery Pare-Etre - Bari, Italy

(2009)                      MZMP Montenegro

(2008)                      Gallery Spolnik - France

(2007)                      Gallery Petite Roquette - Paris, France

                                    Gallery du Vertbois - Paris, France

                                    Old Town Bar - Montenegro

(2007)                       Animation Center Villiot-Rapée - Paris, France

(2006)                      Gallery NISTART, Paris

(2005)                      Gallery Sue Ryder - Herceg Novi, Montenegro

                                    Gallery Sveti Stefan -  Montenegro

(2004)                      Gallery Most - Podgorica, Montenegro

(2003)                      Gallery de la Grande Masse des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France

(2002)                      Gallery Spect-Art - Novi Sad, Serbia

(2001)                       Gallery Tre Arte - Bar, Montenegro

                                     Yugoslav Culture Center – Paris, France

(1999)                        Gallery Velimir A. Lekovic - Bar, Montenegro

(1998)                        Stari Grad - Old Town Bar, Montenegro

(1997)                        Gallery Art Forum - Niksic, Montenegro

Individual Exhibitions 
Collective Exhibitions

(2017-2018)             Gallery Medici -Miami US

(2017)                        During the ARt Basel Week -Mami, ART SHOW "Test of contemporary "

(2015)                        Collective Exhibition for 70th anniverserty of Artists Association of Montenegro                                           (ULCG) – Podgorica, Montenegro

(2012)                        Collective Exhibition ULCG Montenegro

(2011)                         International Collective Exhibition – Montpellier, France

(2010)                        Numerous collective exhibitions in the galleries in Savnik, Niksic, Zabljak, Budva,                                           Montenegro

(2009)                       Modern Art Gallery - Budva, Montenegro

                                     Gallery Velimir A. Lekovic - Bar, Montenegro

                                     ULCG Montenegro

(2008)                       Gallery Spolnik - France

(2007)                       ULCG Montenegro, Petit Rocket Paris

(2006)                       Autumn Salon Paris, ULCG Montenegro, Petit Rocket Paris

(2005)                       Autumn Salon 2005 - Paris, France

                                     Salon Figuration Critique, Paris, France

                                     Exposition Figuration Critique, St Malo, France

                                     SIAPPE, International Salon of Plastic Arts of  Perpignan, France

                                     Ward-Nasse Gallery, New-York, USA

(2004)                       Autumn Salon 2004, 1st prize Marin - Paris, France

(2003)                       Gallery Diamant - Courchevel

                                     Gallery de Dinard, France

                                     Gallery de Pont-Aven - France

(1998-2002)            Numerous collective exhibitions in Podgorica, Cetinje, Kotor, Herceg Novi                                                   (Montenegro) and Belgrade, Serbia

(1997)                         Gallery Games - Cetnje, Montenegro

                                      Modern Art Gallery - Podgorica, Montenegro

(1996)                         Gallery Velimir A. Lekovic - Bar, Montenegro

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